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September 2022 Update: Previous models (such as VQGan, Latent Diffusion, Aphantasia, etc) have now been discontinued and replaced by the brand new Stable Diffusion model, in preparation to upgrade the features of the Geniverse in the coming times

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September 2022 Update: image editing is temporarily discontinued as the Geniverse is being upgraded with a new main model (Stable Diffusion) and other upcoming features



Create art.

  • Get some initial time to try generative AI
  • Basic styles and presets included.
  • Explore the Geniverse interface


Create art using pro tools. Batteries included.

  • Improved workflow. Premium styles and automation presets
  • Memory. Save and restore Geniverses
  • Even more quality. Higher resolution and AI-powered upscaling
  • Interactive. Use generative AI architectures interactively